Planning and Capacity-Building for Solidarity Economies

This case study, led by Leonora Angeles, aims to conduct community-based service learning as a mutual learning experiment for MA planning students, faculty members, NGO planners and local residents. It focuses on the possibilities and constraints in planning and building solidarity economies in local and transnational spaces, using Philippine-Canadian connections as context.

The course will begin in Vancouver as MA students prepare for departure and meet organizations in Canada that maintain transnational linkages with Philippine-based partners.  Then, the course will shift into the service learning component as they integrate with organizations in the Philippines.  Students will engage with some of the movers and shakers of a new kind of transnational bayanihan (the Philippine value of self -help and cooperation) that goes beyond the shortcomings of old-style Philippine Left and Canadian Left politics that dominated the transnational political landscapes.  This research will help us understand how they use volunteering, organizing and creativity to create not just a caring economy, but also a just cooperative economy operating in the shadows of what some hope to be coming – a post-capitalist and post-carbon society.

In 2016, three inter-related case studies will explore the ongoing work of  organizations with transnational migrant connections: